How To Organize Your Refrigerator For Easier Access

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If you're like most people who are on their own for the first time, you might just put things in your refrigerator in any manner that the items fit. To keep your fridge looking great and to find everything easily, you'll want to organize it well. In doing so, you can grab what you need quickly and your grocery shopping will go faster because you can see at a glance what you need. This guide provides some ideas on how to make all this happen.

Group Items Together

Choose various spots in the refrigerator for specific items. Try not to mix them up as life goes on so that you can always know what food you have and what you need. Some grouping ideas include

  • lunch items
  • condiments
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • dinner items
  • snacks
  • beverages

Store Raw Meats in the Lowest Drawer

When you bring raw meat home from the supermarket, store it in the lowest drawer. This serves two purposes. First, the lowest drawer in the fridge is the coldest, so this is the best place to keep raw meats. Second, because the meat is at the lowest point of the fridge, you won't risk contaminating other food items if blood from that meat drips out of the package.

Place a paper towel in the bottom of the drawer to soak up any blood that might seep out. It will keep the drawer cleaner and you can just throw the paper towel away when you use the meat.

Make Proper Use of the Door Space

The door space in your refrigerator is valuable, and it is a good space to store items you want to get to quickly. Some of these items include

  • bottles of salad dressing
  • bottles of wine
  • beer
  • 2-liter bottles of soda
  • coffee creamer

Some of the newer refrigerators have door shelves big enough to hold a gallon of milk. Take full advantage of this space but don't place small items in a spot that has a lot of room above the shelf. Place your taller items here instead.

Take your time when you organize your fridge and remember to keep it clean all the time. If something spills, be quick to clean it up so that other foods don't absorb the smell. Ask your appliance professional, such as Arnold's Appliance, for a refrigerator that's the perfect size for your household, so that you can further keep it organized well.


26 January 2015

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