4 Advantages Of An Appliance Warranty Service For Landlords


If you're a landlord who has multiple rental properties, you might want to consider an appliance warranty service. Appliance warranty services work to ensure that appliance repairs will happen in a timely and cost-effective fashion; when appliances break, tenants can simply call a number and get it fixed. There are a few major advantages to this.

1. It's Attractive to Tenants

There are many rental markets today which are highly competitive. If you don't want to compromise on your rental cost, providing a warranty for your appliances may help you promote your units. Most tenants do worry that they will need to fix or repair things as necessary, especially if they've had absent landlords in the past.

2. It Saves You Time

If you don't want to be running down to your apartment or home every time something breaks, an appliance warranty service could be an ideal solution. These services send out their own technicians, who are trained to complete the repairs as quickly as possible. This also means you don't need to waste time trying to find a reliable handyman -- simply finding a reliable worker can be difficult in itself.

3. It Protects Your Investment

It's an unfortunate truth that most tenants  won't alert you to issues right away. If a stove breaks down, you want to know so that you can fix it as fast as possible. Even worse, if a stove is malfunctioning, it could even be a fire hazard. But many tenants don't want to talk to their landlords, so they let these things go. Having a warranty service will ensure that tenants feel comfortable getting things serviced and fixed.

4. It's More Cost-Effective

Appliance warranty services give you discounts on your appliance repairs. If you own multiple units or have high-end appliances, this can represent a significant cost savings over time. Your tenants are only responsible for direct damage to appliances, not issues that arise from ordinary wear-and-tear. Having regular maintenance and repairs on your appliances can also greatly extend their life; you won't need to replace them as often.

Overall, an appliance warranty service can make the process of managing your rental units much easier. You can inquire with the local companies in your area. Many appliance repair technicians, such as Master Tech Mechanical, offer either warranty services or a "membership" service that is similar. From there, you just need to let your tenants know who to call the next time they encounter an issue. 


29 January 2015

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