Modern Minimalism: How To Bring This Clean Style To Your Kitchen


A modern interior design scheme favors sleek lines, stark colors and other hallmarks of classic minimalism. The design can work for a home office, living room and even the warmest room of your home: the kitchen. There are a few key design ideas that can help you bring the modern minimalism into your kitchen without sacrificing your workspace -- or your wallet.

Stainless Steel Backsplash and Accents

The most frequent colors used in minimalism are black and white with accents of cool-toned steel. It's easy to add touches of steel to your kitchen through appliances, but that's not the only way to bring this tone into your home.

Consider using stainless steel backsplash tiles behind your counters and stove. Most major hardware stores sell faux steel tiles that give you the clean, classic look without a humongous price tag. Select simple rectangular tiles for a subway tile style arrangement for the most modern look. But you can also add a touch of fun by using steel-toned ceiling tiles that can have raised designs of flowers, scroll work and more.

Don't go overboard with the steel. If you have all steel appliances, opt for a white or black backsplash instead. But if the backsplash is the only item that's steel, then you might want to add in some other steel accents. Cabinet and drawer pulls are an easy way to accomplish this task and allows you to pull the look of the room together.

Black Glossy Counter Top

You might be tempted to go with a stainless steel counter for your kitchen's modern look. But steel counters tend to make the room look more like a restaurant kitchen. And that's probably not the look you were hoping to achieve.

A better solution is to install a black glossy counter top. The composite material depends on your preference and budget. Quartz and Stone are towards the higher end of the price range but accordingly offer a more glamorous result. Quartz in particular can look lovely with fine shards of glass or swirls of silver done as embeds in the material. But you can also go a cheaper route with a dyed concrete counter.

You will want to go with a glossy finish that makes it clear that your counter is sleek and modern design element rather than just a gothic paint job.

Exposed Cabinet with White Plates

You have your touches of steel and a black counter. Now what? You hopefully have cabinets already designed to go with your scheme. Now it's time to take off one of the doors so that you can display your dinnerware.

Paint the backs of the cabinets -- or the rear panel that you can see when looking into an open cabinet -- a color that contrasts with the main cabinet shade. White cabinets, for example, can be accented with a red or black back wall. Black cabinets can be accented with red or gray. Stack your dinnerware neatly in front of that panted backdrop to serve as a functional art display. This works best if your plates are white and square in shape.

If you need help achieving this look, talk with an interior design company, like Botany Decorating.


14 February 2015

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