Traditional Or Tile Carpeting – Which Is Best For Your Home?

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Are you in need of new carpeting in your home? Have you been trying to figure out what type of carpeting to go with? You have many options in style, but only two options in the type of carpeting – traditional wall-to-wall carpeting and carpet tiles. So, which of those two options is best for your home?

Before you make any decision, take a minute to learn the pros and cons of each option.

Traditional Carpet Pros

  • Vast variety of colors, designs and textures
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Great insulator of sound and energy
  • Varying pricing options

Traditional Carpet Cons

  • Damage requires full replacement
  • Deep fibers make it difficult to dry moisture
  • More difficult to install

Carpet Tile Pros

  • Easy installation
  • Affordability
  • Create custom designs using multiple tiles
  • Easy replacement when an area is damaged

Carpet Tile Cons

  • Not quite as comfortable as traditional carpet
  • Fewer texture options
  • Wears out sooner than traditional carpet

Now, how do you choose between the two types of carpeting? Your lifestyle will play a big part in the type of carpeting that is best for your home.

Do you have children or pets? If yes, then your best option is likely to install carpet tiles in the areas of the home that the children and pets use most. Why? Because children and pets tend to damage carpeting relatively often. If your dog has an accident on the carpet that just will not come clean, you can easily remove the damaged carpet tile and replace it with a new one.

Do you spend a lot of time laying on the floor? If yes, then you would likely do best to choose traditional, plush carpeting. Since traditional carpeting is typically installed with padding underneath and the carpet has a deeper, plush feel to it, your time on the floor would be more comfortable.

Do you plan to install the carpeting yourself? If yes, then carpet tiles are likely your best option. Carpet tiles go down easily and do not need to be stretched and fastened the way traditional carpeting does. Installation does not require as many tools and experience making it a more suitable DIY option.

Still unsure what choice to make? Discuss the options further with your local carpet sales representative, like those at Creative Carpet & Flooring. He or she can assist you in choosing the carpeting that will provide you the look, comfort and durability that you want in your home.


4 March 2015

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