Home Business Inventory: Why A Climate Controlled Storage Unit Is Ideal

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Are you considering starting a home business but have no clue where you will store inventory? No matter what kind of products you intend on selling, they will be safe if you rent a climate controlled storage unit. Find out why opting for a storage unit is ideal for home business inventory, as well as an approximate of what you will pay to rent it.

What Makes a Climate Controlled Storage Unit Ideal for Home Business Inventory?

Storing inventory for your business away from home will help you avoid running out of storage space. You can rent a storage unit in many different sizes, and the best part about it is that you can keep your products safe inside of it by controlling the temperature. You won't have to worry about any of your products getting damaged from excessive hot or cold weather. Climate controlled storage units are located inside of a building, so weather conditions won't be a problem at any time of the year.

Some of the types of inventory damages that can be prevented include:

  • Framed photograph discoloration
  • Electronics malfunctioning from moisture
  • Clothing becoming discolored from moisture
  • Items made of wood expanding & becoming cracked

Besides the safety benefits a climate controlled unit can provide, you will also be able to keep inventory organized. For instance, you can buy portable clothing racks, shelving units and shoe racks to keep your items organized. If you need to grab an item out of the unit to send to a customer, accessing it will be easy.

Keep in mind that your home business inventory will also be safe inside of a climate controlled storage unit because you will be able to lock it with your own padlock. The facility where the unit is located will also be secure, such as with surveillance cameras, coded gate access and possibly security guards.

What is the Estimated Price of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

The price will depend on the size needed for your inventory, and it is a good idea to get a big one so you will have space for storing new items. If you rent a climate controlled unit that is 10x20 feet, you can pay an average minimum of $170 per month. However, there are also larger units available that will cost more. Get in touch with a storage facility, like Lowest Cost Storage Guaranteed, that offers climate controlled units so you can keep your inventory stored the right way!



30 March 2015

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My husband and I have a large basement we've never really used. We started storing items in it, and it seemed like such a waste of a large area of our home. We also have a nephew in college in the area who we knew was paying a high price for an apartment he could barely afford. We came up with the idea of turning our basement into a mini-apartment and offering it to him for less than his current rent. He loved the idea, and the renovation was faster than we imagined it would be. We are all so happy it all worked out, and that we had a great basement to help my nephew through college at the same time. I created this blog to encourage others to use their basement for more than just holding boxes.