3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Caring for Their Yard

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Many homeowners spend a good deal of time in their yard trying to make it look as beautiful as possible. However, even after all of that time and energy they still may not have the green yard that they want. There are some common mistakes that homeowners make that prevent them from getting the yard that they want. Here are a couple things you should avoid.

1. Watering Late in the Day

Grass needs water to survive, but that doesn't mean that you can water it any time and expect to see the results that you want. Instead, you need to make sure that you are watering your grass at the right time. You should be watering your grass in the morning when the sun is out, but not hot. If you wait until later in the day the water will evaporate in the heat and so the roots are deprived. If you wait until the evening or nighttime, it might not soak in properly and could leave puddles of water, suffocating your grass throughout the night.

2. Mowing Too Often and Too Low

Mowing plays a big part in the health of your lawn. If you don't mow properly you could encounter serious problems with your grass. This is why it is best if you let the grass grow out a little bit before you mow it. As the grass grows longer the roots will sink deeper and will become healthier and stronger. If you continue mowing the grass too often and keep it too short, it will allow lots of space between the roots and cause them to be shallow. This encourages weeds to grow in between the blades of grass, and prevents the grass from being as healthy as possible.

Instead, when you mow the grass only shave off about 1/3 of the grass and avoid mowing the grass too often. Let it get longer before you shave it off.

3. Not Fertilizing

Fertilizer is an important part to your yard's health. The healthiest and greenest lawns always have an extra boost with their fertilizer. This is why you should fertilize the lawn, and use a weed killer in the spring to help prevent weeds and promote healthy grass growth. If you let the weeds grow and fertilize too late you could have a problem all year long of the weeds taking over the grass. This is why you should do it as early as you can. For more information, talk to a professional like Master Landscape.


16 April 2015

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