Top 3 Reasons Your Sprinkler Is Not Rotating Correctly

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Rotating sprinkler systems are great when they are working correctly. However, when they stop rotating, they can really create a mess. They can turn one section of your yard into a soggy disaster and leave the rest of your yard bone-dry. If your rotating sprinkler is stuck in place, one of the three reasons listed below is probably the reason why. 

#1 - A Damaged Head

The number one reasons behind most rotating sprinklers failing to work is a damaged sprinkler head. There are lots of ways that a sprinkler head can get damaged. It can get run over by the lawn mower. Maybe you backed your car onto your lawn and put pressure on the sprinkler head. It could have gotten ran over by a wheelbarrow. Your kids or your dog could have ran into it when they were playing outside. 

The head of a rotating sprinkler may look simple, but hiding inside is a whole system of springs that allow the sprinkler to rotate and spit out water. Even just a little extra pressure, or a little jolt, can throw these springs off. 

If you can tell by looking at your sprinkler head that it has been crushed, bent or broken, you'll need to purchase a new sprinkler head and just replace it. 

#2 - A Clogged Filter

The second most common reason your rotating sprinkler head may not be working properly is that the filter on the sprinkler head is clogged up with dirt and debris. Every rotating sprinkler head has a tiny filter that keeps dirt and debris from making it way into the nozzle of your sprinkler. However, when too much debris builds up, the necessary water cannot get through your sprinkler to the nozzle. 

If your sprinkler head looks like it has not been damaged, this is probably the culprit. To take care of the problem, you'll need to remove the top of your sprinkler head and twist off the nozzle. Behind the nozzle you should see what looks like a miniature screen, that is covered in dirt. Take the screen out and wash it. You may need to use a brush to remove all the built up dirt. Once the screen is clean, put it back into place, secure the nozzle, and put the top back on your sprinkler. 

#3 - A Lack Of Lubrication

Of all the sprinklers in your yard, your rotating sprinkler are the most complicated and contain the most parts. Usually, all the lubrication most sprinkler heads need is a little water. However, more complex sprinkler heads, such as a rotating sprinkler head, actually need a little bit of oil in order for all the internal components to work. If your sprinkler head does not look like it has been damaged, and the filter is clean, you may just need to spray a little lubricant onto the internal springs on your sprinkler in order to get your sprinkler working again.

If one of your rotating sprinklers is not working, it is probably suffering from one of the issues listed above. You can troubleshoot what is behind your broken sprinkler by starting with the most common issue and working your way through the list. If none of these issues seem to be the problem, you may want to call in a sprinkler repair specialist to figure out what is wrong with your rotating sprinkler head. 


16 June 2015

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