Seven Cheap Novelty Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

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Are you looking for some clever, inexpensive gifts that will bring a smile or chuckle to your sweetheart this year? Instead of giving the same hum-drum box of chocolates or an uninspired gift card, why not let your humorous, slightly off-the-wall character shine through? Here are seven cheap novelty gift ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. A Warm Liquid Activated Heart Mug

This is not just any ceramic mug embellished with a heart mug. The heart design is outlined on the outside of the mug, and it is "activated" by pouring warm liquid inside. When the warmth of the coffee, tea or other hot beverage heats up the mug, the heart will turn a glowing red. What a lovely way to remind that special someone they own your heart for always.

2. A Set of Puckering Lip Straws

These reusable straws are fully bendable and may be used with most any cup, glass or travel mug. Attached to the end of the straw are full and pouty red "lips." It's a great gag gift for your Valentine.

3. Bacon Scented Shaving Cream

Here's one for the guys. It's shaving cream in a can, with one major twist. This cream is designed for the man who loves bacon. Made with natural moisturizers and gentle ingredients, this shaving cream will provide a close shave, along with the tantalizing scent of bacon.

4. Package of "Eat Me" Lollipops

These yummy red suckers are fruit flavored and feature the words "Eat Me" on them. Let your flirtatious and playful side shine through.

5. Valentine Twister Game

This set includes a giant floor game board with various heart shaped words of love. Also included is the cardboard spinner dictating to each player where to place a hand or foot. It's a great twist to a popular game.

6. Conversation Heart Erasers

Stored in a heart-shaped box, these erasers are functional and whimsical, and can be used over and over. Each eraser is heart-shaped and contains a sweet message of love.

7. Floating Heart Candles

Scented and colorful, these heart candles can be found in assorted colors and yummy scents.

Cheap novelty gifts for Valentine's Day can be playful, romantic, sexy or silly. Buy several novelties and package them in a homemade container, complete with a red-heart ribbon. The good news is, you needn't spend a lot of money to show you care.

You can find these and other cheap novelty gifts at many novelty retailers.


31 July 2015

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