Three Ways Hard Water Is Effecting Your Food

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You followed the recipe exactly. You even added your own flavorful spin. However, the finished product just didn't come out as expected. Don't toss in your chef's hat just yet. You might be surprised to discover that it's not your cooking skills that are the problem, but it's the hard water in your home. Here are just some of the ways hard water can affect your food.

Dull Fruits And Vegetables

A part of what makes vegetables and fruits a great addition to any meal are their vibrant shades of color. A beautiful collection of color is healthy, appetizing and appealing on a plate. If your vegetables seem less colorful after you soak or boil them, it could be your water.

This is especially the case if the water has high levels of chlorine in it. When it comes to removing stains, chlorine bleach is often the go-to solution because it has the ability to strip stains from fabric. The chlorine in the water could also be stripping the color from your vegetables and fruits.

Weird Taste

When you drink a glass of hard water, it often has a weird taste. It would be naive to think that this weird taste wouldn't also surface in your prepared meals. The unusual taste typically comes from the different impurities that are common in hard water. When you cook meal selections like race and pasta, the taste of the water has the ability to absorb into these foods and slightly alter their taste.

Additionally, since hard water boils at a higher temperature, it might even take slightly longer to prepare some of your meals.

Baking Woes

Whether it's a fresh batch of biscuits or a puff pastry, you need the yeast to rise in order for the dish to turn out right. Hard water can be a problem in this area as well. In addition to chlorine, hard water often contains high-levels of magnesium and calcium.

In terms of yeast, these minerals can alter the dough's structure and slow down, or eliminate the fermentation process that actually causes it to rise. Once this happens, no matter how long you patiently wait for the yeast to rise, it won't turn out right.

Don't let hard water mask your true culinary skills. With the professional installation of a whole-home water softener you can experience the benefits of softer water and better tasting and looking meals. Contact a local contractor, like Johnson Water Conditioning, for more information.


5 November 2015

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