4 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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A small bathroom can really cramp your style, as well as make your home a bit tougher to sell when it's time to put it on the market. Luckily, there are things you can do to make even a tiny bathroom look and feel more spacious than it is. Here are four tips for doing just that:

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are the most effective way to give the illusion of a larger space. Swap out any small, dated mirrors over the sink with something larger and more dramatic. The bigger the mirror, the more it will reflect light and make the room feel larger and more airy. If possible, position a wall mirror in a place where it will reflect light from the window. To find great mirrors, check out http://glasshopperaurora.com.


A small bathroom is no place for clutter, which will only make it feel much more cramped than it needs to. Stash your toiletries and beauty products away in the cabinets instead of leaving everything out on the counter.

If you have open shelving, try storing fluffy, light-colored towels rolled neatly in stacks to give the feel of a luxurious hotel bathroom. Floating shelves in the bathroom and shower can store necessities without adding too much bulk or taking up a ton of space.

Opt for Light Paint

Dark paint colors will make the bathroom feel smaller than light colors, which do a much better job of reflecting light and therefore help provide the illusion of more space. Simply refreshing the bathroom with a light, bright shade of white, light gray, or even pale yellow paint will instantly make the entire room feel larger and more fresh.

Let There Be Light

The more light, the more spacious and airy your bathroom will feel. A dark bathroom will always feel smaller and more cramped. If you have decent natural light in the bathroom, take advantage of this. Don't block the windows with shelves or other furniture, and remove any heavy curtains or other window coverings. Simple blinds or a linen shade that can be left open during the day will keep things feeling bright and open.

If you don't have enough natural light in the bathroom, make the most of things by adding better quality lighting. Recessed LED lights will add a classy feel while helping to brighten the space and make it feel bigger. At the very least, never slack on changing out dead lightbulbs.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a bathroom that feels and appears bigger than it is.


28 November 2015

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My husband and I have a large basement we've never really used. We started storing items in it, and it seemed like such a waste of a large area of our home. We also have a nephew in college in the area who we knew was paying a high price for an apartment he could barely afford. We came up with the idea of turning our basement into a mini-apartment and offering it to him for less than his current rent. He loved the idea, and the renovation was faster than we imagined it would be. We are all so happy it all worked out, and that we had a great basement to help my nephew through college at the same time. I created this blog to encourage others to use their basement for more than just holding boxes.