Achieving The Most Appealing Drapery Look For Your Home With A Simple ABC Guideline

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Draperies are an ideal window treatment choice for a lot of reasons. Not only do these heavier-than-usual curtains offer a stunning and traditional appearance, they help boost the energy efficiency of your home by blocking out UV rays in the summer and cold transferred through the glass in the winter. If you want to make sure that you are using drapes in your home to achieve the most desirable and fashionable look, there is a simple ABC rule set that you should always keep in mind. 

Always allow space for a "break" at the bottom of the drapery panels. 

A small break at the bottom of the drapes is the easiest way to break up the vertical look of these window treatments and will give the illusion of more depth in the room. A break is a small hangover where the bottom of the drapes meet the floor that is usually just a few inches. This allows for the bottom of the drapes to fold gently as if they are casually "draped" over the windows and creates a more flattering appearance. 

Be sure to install the drapes above the actual frame of the window. 

Draperies are usually heavier than typical curtains, and, therefore, they will look their best of they are hung slightly above the window frame. Some homeowners looking to maximize the look of a space will actually hang drapes right up next to the ceiling. While this works in some spaces, usually just hanging the drapes from about halfway between the top of the window frame and the ceiling is enough to make the drapes look their best. 

Create the illusion of depth with layered drapery designs. 

If you want to add more depth to the window treatment, layer the heavier drapes with sheer curtains of the same length, but in a different color or pattern. This helps the window treatment to appear less heavy and more lightweight and modern, but is also a great opportunity to add a complementing interior design element to a room. For example, if you have small plaid details on your furniture, subtly striped sheers in behind your drapes can enhance the look and tie the room together. 

Don't skimp on tiebacks. 

Keeping the view through the window open in some rooms will be ideal. Drapes are heavy and dense, so cheaper tiebacks may not be as functional as you like. Go for heavy tie backs made of thick nylon rope or tie-back hooks on the window base made of solid metal materials. 


22 December 2015

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My husband and I have a large basement we've never really used. We started storing items in it, and it seemed like such a waste of a large area of our home. We also have a nephew in college in the area who we knew was paying a high price for an apartment he could barely afford. We came up with the idea of turning our basement into a mini-apartment and offering it to him for less than his current rent. He loved the idea, and the renovation was faster than we imagined it would be. We are all so happy it all worked out, and that we had a great basement to help my nephew through college at the same time. I created this blog to encourage others to use their basement for more than just holding boxes.