Your First Freshwater Tropical Fish And Aquarium Tank

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A well-stocked and well-maintained tropical fish store is a pleasure to see and can be a great resource when you get your first aquarium tank and stock it with tropical fish. Many aquarium store employees are very knowledgeable about the fish that they sell and can help you choose the best aquarium tank and tropical fish for your particular situation. Before you decide which aquarium and fish to buy (from an outlet such as Neptune's Tropical Fish), here are a few things to consider when designing your new freshwater aquarium environment:  

  • Aquarium Tank Size - Buy the largest aquarium tank that you can afford when getting your first aquarium. A large tank can be a healthy benefit for your new tropical fish as it gives them plenty of room to grow and thrive. A large tank will also give you the flexibility to have different kinds of tropical fish who will establish their own fish colony. Keep your aquarium understocked with tropical fish to keep them healthy. The more room they have to swim in, the happier and healthier they will be. 
  • Aquarium Filter - Buy an aquarium filter that can easily cycle all of the water in your aquarium at least four times an hour. To do this, buy an aquarium filter that is meant for an aquarium tank that is larger than the tank you purchase. In that way, you will have a very clean and clear aquarium environment for your tropical fish which is one of the best ways to keep your tropical fish healthy. 
  • Aquarium Fish - Before you buy any fish, research them on the internet to see what species can live together peacefully in your new aquarium tank. Some tropical fish are more aggressive than others and can become predators when haphazardly added to a new aquarium tank. Also, research how big a species of fish can get when they are adults so that you can plan ahead for the number of tropic fish you can successfully keep in your aquarium tank. When adding new fish to your aquarium tank, keep your new fish in his plastic bag and hang the bag in the aquarium water to allow your fish to become accustomed to the temperature and action of the water. Keep him in his plastic bag for at least six to eight hours. When ready to release him, keep the bag in the tank and open one end to allow the fish to swim out on his own. 
  • Algae Eaters - Be sure to get a couple of catfish or plecos as they are algae eaters and will help you keep your aquarium clean. These hearty fish like to swim on the bottom of the aquarium tank and sift through the sand and gravel for bits of edibles. Their action will stir up any dirt or debris in the water and bring it to the top of the sand so it can then be easily cycled through your aquarium filter. 
  • Aquarium Plants - Green aquarium plants are not just decoration but are an essential part of the ecosystem of a freshwater aquarium tank. Stock your aquarium with living green aquarium plants and not plastic or silk plants. These plants give off oxygen and offer your aquarium fish a safe place to hide and rest whenever they want. 

A freshwater aquarium tank is a great source of beauty and entertainment to have on your home. You will learn a lot by watching and caring for your new tropical fish and their aquarium tank. With a bit of research and some planning, you can have a thriving aquarium tank with tropical fish that will live for many years.      


13 May 2016

Wasted Basement? Renovate It and Rent It

My husband and I have a large basement we've never really used. We started storing items in it, and it seemed like such a waste of a large area of our home. We also have a nephew in college in the area who we knew was paying a high price for an apartment he could barely afford. We came up with the idea of turning our basement into a mini-apartment and offering it to him for less than his current rent. He loved the idea, and the renovation was faster than we imagined it would be. We are all so happy it all worked out, and that we had a great basement to help my nephew through college at the same time. I created this blog to encourage others to use their basement for more than just holding boxes.