Construct A Homemade Patio Table That Has A Rustic Appearance

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Construct a homemade patio table that has a rustic appearance by completing the steps below. The table can be used to hold beverages, reading materials, or food items whenever you are outdoors relaxing on your patio.


  • power saw
  • measuring tape
  • log
  • scrub brush
  • soapy water
  • water hose
  • sandpaper
  • power sander
  • wood stain
  • mixing stick
  • paint tray
  • paintbrushes (various sizes)
  • pressed leaves
  • craft glue
  • cotton swabs
  • clear wood varnish
  • acrylic glass
  • epoxy sealant
  • sponge

Cut, Clean, And Sand A Piece Of Wood

Determine how tall you would like the patio table to be. Cut a piece of wood from a log that is thick and the appropriate height. If you do not have access to any logs, purchase a piece of wood from a lumber supplier. Clean the piece of wood's exterior with a scrub brush and soapy water. Rinse the wood with plain water and wait for the wood to dry.

If there are any sharp edges on the wood's exterior, remove them with a power sander that has a piece of sandpaper secured to it. Once the surface feels smoother, use a hose to rinse away any sanding particles and wait for the wood to dry thoroughly.

Apply Stain And Pressed Leaves

Mix a container of exterior wood stain. Fill a paint tray with the stain. Cover the piece of wood's exterior with an even coat of stain. If there are any small details in the wood's exterior, use a thin paintbrush to cover them. Wait for the wood stain to dry. Add a second coat if the first coat of stain didn't sufficiently cover the wood.

After the paint dries, you can add interesting details to the top of the piece of the wood by securing pressed leaves to it. Select several leaves from your property and flatten them in a book for a couple days. Once the leaves are flat, apply an even amount of craft glue to the back of them with a cotton swab. Press the leaves firmly against the side of the wood that will be used as the top of the table.

Cover The Table With Varnish And A Piece Of Acrylic Glass

Cover the leaves and the rest of the wood with an even coat of clear varnish. The varnish will protect the stain from fading and will prevent the leaves from falling off of the table. If the top of the wood isn't wide enough to hold items on it, cover it with a clear piece of acrylic glass. You can purchase a piece of glass from a home improvement center.

Use a sponge to apply an even coat of clear, epoxy sealant to the center of the flat part of the wood that is covered with leaves. Line up the piece of acrylic glass so that it is centered over the piece of wood. Press the glass firmly against the wood. Once the sealant dries, use your new table whenever you are spending time on your patio.

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15 August 2016

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