5 Attractive Ideas For Layering With Blinds

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Blinds can stand alone as your window treatments. This is especially true if you choose brightly patterned Roman shades or upgrade to plantation blinds. Yet even these blinds work well with layered treatments. Blinds are so useful for controlling light and maintaining your privacy. Blend them with other window treatments for a look that sets the style tone for your rooms.

Naturalistic Profile

Many homeowners appreciate the naturalistic look of bamboo or matchstick blinds. While these organic-look treatments look fine on their own, they also serve as an attractive foundation for curtains. One pretty option is to layer them with curtains featuring a botanic pattern. For a more subtle approach, choose instead unbleached cotton or natural linen curtains.

Gauze Curtains

If you have more solid blinds, such as wooden or plantation style, an attractive counter is featuring airy curtains. You can achieve this by topping the blinds with gauzy curtain panels. Such panels can be in classic white or a color that complements the rest of your décor. You can also get creative by tying strips of chiffon to a curtain rod in front of the blinds. This works well for a more creative space or for a single window since it's certainly eye-catching.

Repeated Pattern

Blinds feature natural stripes because of the louvers. Play this up by choosing curtain panels with similar striping. They don't have to be proper stripes. In fact, Home and Garden TV features a window treatment with disconnected striping at almost the same width as the louvers. The look blends well because the background color of the panels matches that of the blinds. The magazine even suggests utilizing a contrasting rod, such as bamboo, to add visual interest.


Layering doesn't necessarily mean your window treatments must be on top of each other. In fact, a natural layering especially for kitchens is half-and-half. Your blinds will cover the entire window, but you drape café curtains across the bottom half. Choose café curtains that match the blinds for a look that recedes. If you want to be more creative, consider complementary colors, such as eggplant-hued curtains over butter-colored blinds.

Grand Treatment

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, consider making a grand design out of your window treatments. Start with solid, neutral blinds, such as painted wood or plantation. Layer a gauzy panel over these. The panel should be in the foundational color of your treatment. Frame this with weighty curtain panels topped with a matching valance or cornice. Finish the look with tie-backs, and you have window treatments that create a stage for your view.

Let blinds serve as the center of your layered window treatments. For more information, contact Spotless Shade & Blind CO or a similar company.


19 September 2016

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