A Look At Different Landscaping Designs: 3 Tips To Incorporate More Shade

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Shade can be elusive in some climates.  Unless you purposely incorporate shade into the design of the landscape in your backyard, you will be left with nowhere to lounge around and relax.  There are several different ways a landscaping design company can tailor and modify your backyard in an attempt to create more shade. Consider the following 3 tips if you would like to create a haven for your family in your own backyard.

Tree Canopy Offers Deep or Dappled Shade

The simplest solution is to simply plant some large trees.  The various tree canopies can offer different levels of shade. For example, maple trees have a thick canopy and can create deep shade. Maple trees grow best in soils with neutral pH and in cold climates of at least 34 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, honeylocust trees have sparse canopies and can only offer dappled shade, as some sun will shine through.

Outdoor Rooms Provide Lounge Area and Shade

If your city does not permit planting large trees on residential property for safety reasons, your next best bet and solution is to build outdoor rooms like pergolas. These outdoor rooms not only offer shade, but they also create a space for you and your family to lounge in. Get some patio chairs and cushions, along with a table, and you'll be good to go. These areas are great for chatting with family and friends or even dining and enjoying the view and the weather.

Create Layers to Enhance Amount of Shade Present

If there's already some shade in your backyard, but simply not enough for your own liking, you can have the landscaping design company add some layers by either working with the slope or adding walls or natural stone pavers. By working on creating depth, you can enhance the amount of area that the shade covers, which in turn can provide you with more shaded spaces to rest in.


Even if you don't know how to achieve the end results that you desire, knowing exactly what you want can be of a huge help when you're working out possible and potential designs with the landscaping design company. It's crucial that the landscaping design company knows where your priorities lie and what features you place the most importance on. Look over several drafts of possible designs before deciding what would work best for you and your family. Contact a company like Oliver's Landscaping & Garden Service, LLC to get started.


30 November 2016

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